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Party on, dudes: Bill and Ted are coming back!

Twenty years after the Wyld Stallions played hero and became the biggest band in the universe, the boys from San Dimas will be coming back to the big screen. Star Keanu Reeves confirmed to MTV that a long-gestating sequel to the classic films "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" and "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" is on its way, with a draft of a screenplay nearly finished.

"When we last got together, part of it was that Bill and Ted were supposed to have written the song that saved the world, and it hasn't happened," he told the network's movie blog. "So they've now become kind of possessed by trying to do that. Then there's an element of time and they have to go back."

Time travel was Bill and Ted's speciality; in the first film, they go back in time to collect famous figures for a school presentation whose outcome would determine the fate of the universe.

Reeves, who played Ted, has gone on to massive Hollywood success, including his most iconic roles in "The Matrix." Alex Winter, who played Bill, had some success with a sketch comedy show and cult classic movie, and now directs music videos along with sporadic television shows and small films.

Back in 2007, it seemed as if the film series would get a third installment -- in direct-to-DVD form. MGM even had a deal with a director and writer, but the project was never released.

"Bill and Ted" got two brief TV spinoffs; in 1990, Reeves, Winter and co-star George Carlin voiced the animated series "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures," and in 1992, a live action show, with neither Reeves or Winter, had a short run.

For what it's worth, BillAndTed3.com is live with a teaser for a future, unspecified film.
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  1. Wow, this is amazing news. Bill and Ted is one of my favorite movies, and the second movie proved once and for all that sequels can be as good as the original.

    I hope this third one is good... I love these characters and the movies, so I've got my fingers crossed!
  2. Great news. I really appreciate.
  3. I especially liked that fans didnt forget about bill and ted. case in point when keanu reeves was accepting some award for the matrix somethign rather someone yelled from the crowd " WYLD STALLYNS!!!!" and it totally threw him off, yeah !
  4. Yeah i will be seeing that at the movies, going to be funny!
  5. they can bring back bill and ted with ease.
    bringing back johnny-5 from short circuit would be a task, but maybe fun for the right person.

    i think johnny-5 would be embarassed a lot with today's technology.
    i would watch every second of it :lol:
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