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Ok here’s the problem, please help. I have an AMD 1800+ on a cheap ECS K7S5A and every time I turn the FSB speed to 133 it crashes. But it only crashes during games. I have some generic 256 DDR 2700. The board does not support that speed, it only support 2100. But I was told that RAM clocks down to be compatible to a board. Or maybe it’s a heating issue. I updated the BIOS and still it crashes. Here are my specs and I would take any advice you have. Because I am out of options. I would also be willing to buy a new board it that would help. I don’t know what to do…

1800+ AMD
256 DDR 2700 Generic
Nvidia Geforce 2 Ultra
Win XP
SB Live Value

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  1. You may have a bad ecs board, the chipset is known to get hot.

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  2. i really dont understand why people would go buy an 1800 xp and stick it on a neatly piled peice of crap and call it a mother board. how much did you save on that thing? 30 bucks? could have used the extra money you spent on the ram for a better board. but any way, back to the problem your having, its likely a heat issue, leave the cover off the computer and blow a house fan into it. may be an improperly installed heatsink. could be ram, could be power supply. check these things, then take the board back.

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  3. I got this “crappie board” as a combo set. I went to price watch and bought the set. I plan on buying Asus A7V333 using the KT333 chip. I think this will cure my problem. It’s not the ram because I switched it and it still crashed when pushed to (processor) 133 FSB. I don’t think it would be the power supply because I put my old board and processor and it runs. I have a 300-watt gateway mid-case. I will buy the board and if that doesn’t solve the problem I will post.
  4. It is probably an overheating chipset problem, reattach the chipset cooler to the chipset with arctic silver(or better thermal goo coverage) and it should fix.

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  5. That board works very well for me and many others. Try troubleshooting the problem before giving up. It really could be as simple as what Matisaro said.

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  6. Yeah exactly. The Sis 735 chipset wouldn't hurt to have a heatsink, or atleast a better passive cooler
    Good mobo none the less

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  7. <A HREF="" target="_new">Look at this</A>, the ECS K7S5A does have a heatsink on the bridge :wink:

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  8. Yeah it does, look at the northbridge with the yellow one

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  9. Is it really a Northbridge, though? Since there's only one.

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  10. It's either your board, memory, or the combination of the two. I would highly suggest chucking the ECS board in favor of the A7V333.

    The Pentium 4 is really a highly overclocked VIA C3 with SSE2 and a heat spreader.
  11. its just a bridge
    call it a dual bridge!


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  12. Well, I don't want to argue. It just LOOKS like the northbridge to me =/ Oh well, nothing to bicker over :)

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  13. I have seen this problem several times with bad ram. On time PC133 ram would only work reliably at 100MHz. When set to 133Mhz system would crash when running games. When replaced the system was very stable. (Cheap PCChips 810LMR system). Another time my AMD system (EPOX 8KHA+, 1800XP) started crashing repeatedly when playing games, and when searching the web, etc. The system was stable for the first two weeks I had it. I swapped out the ram (DDR256 PC2100) and the problem was solved. Check your RAM! I haven't tried it yet, but there is a memtest program out there that may help in determining if it is your RAM. (memtest-86). Hope this helps.
  14. No, I agree. There's just one, so nobody knows what to call it.

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