Why is my laptop turning on then going blank

I turn the laptop on it goes to the first screen and then goes black
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  1. Make sure it is getting power and not trying to load on a flat battery.
  2. When i goes black is it switching off? If no, it could be your backlights or inverter board, graphics card or even maybe your hard drive going bad. difficult to tell on the little info you gave.
  3. hi,

    Even a bad driver can be the problem for this.
    Try to boot in safe mode with f8 button when you power up.

    Or try the VGA only mode to boot, if this work then you have a faulty driver and you should de-install it from the software screen.

    After this, boot up normally and install the right driver from the website of ATI, NVIDIA or INTEL.

    If you dont know with brand is installed: install this program to find out:


    good luck!
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