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I am looking for a laptop but am wondering which type of CPU to get. I use the internet, word processing, games (not too often though), Mp3s, and maybe watching movie (if I get a DVD-drive). I have a few questions:
1) I was looking at getting a 1.06Ghz celleron and am wondering if it has the coppermine or tualitin core. Also, how much of a performance increase would I see if I instead went to either a 1ghz P3, Athlon 4, or Duron?
2) I plan to use this laptop for around 3 years. Will a 1.06 Ghz Celleron still run applications fast in 3 years.

I am on a tight budget so I cannot afford the top of the line. Specifically, I am looking at the Toshiba Satellite 1005 S157.
1.06GHz Intel® Celeron processor, 256MB SDRAM memory,15GB hard drive, 14.1" TFT.
Is it any good?

BTW, since when do celloerons have a 133fsb, I thought it was only 100mhz.
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  1. personaly i would go with a p3 for the laptop. celerons suck. im pretty sure most laptops with p3 cpus have speed step, when you just typing the clock speed drops, thus saving power, thus extending battery life. as for games, what kind of games are you talking about? if it doesnt have the geforce to go or radion on the road or whatever, its not going to play 3d shooters. but if you just talking about star craft or somthing, it doesnt really matter.

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  2. Thank you for your reply.

    What clock speed P3 would equal a 1.06 Celleron?
    The reason I was thinking of getting celleron is that it is much cheaper than a notebook with a P3 and price is the number one priority for me (actually my parents because they are buying this for me, I am just trying to help them).

    Also, I do not play games too often, I may play a car or flight simulator once in awhile but I usually play games like Age of Empires so I do not think I need a powerful video card.

    Do you know if the Toshiba model I mentioned is any good for what I am planning to do (internet, homework stuff, mp3,DVD, some games)? Will it last 3 or 4 years (I plan to use this in college)?

    Thanks again for your help.
  3. I believe the lowest P3 you can get is the 1.0Ghz model. It's well worth the money. Trust me. Got a friend who has a Sony Viao witha P3 1.13Ghz. It would beat a celeron any day. 1.06Ghz means nothing for the celeron. Think more along the lines of the equivalent of a 600Mhz P3. No offense, but the celeron is a cheap piece of junk coined by Intel to draw more money. You might as well get a mobile Duron as they can at least keep up with the P3 mobile. Best yet, a brand new laptop with an Athlon 4 1600+. That would rock for laptops.

    As for games, most laptops have very poor graphics support. They usually consist of Savage S3 or S4, or the Ati Rage Mobility. These cards are junk. Make sure you get one that has at least a Geforce2 Go with 16MB. If you want the best of the best, and for it to last a while, get the Ati Radeon 7500 Mobility, with 64MB RAM. Simulator and racing games are relatively graphic demanding.

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  4. i dont really know about laptops, at least not for entertainment and the like. dell makes a good laptop, i have an old p2 toshiba satelite, hasnt done me wrong. if you can find a laptop for about the same price as the celeron with a duron or some athlon, the athlon would be a better choice. i would put any athlon up against a celeron any day, exept for mp3 encoding, for some reason they are fast as hell in this aspect. but every thing else they suck.

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  5. Hey guys, I want to ask a quick question...Do you prefer the Sony Vaio Laptop's over Dell....or do you prefer a totally different Manufacturer... Sony's look really nice!

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  6. I had a Dell laptop at the last company I worked at. To be frank, I was not impressed. It seemed no better than any of the others I've used, and it was about 10% more expensive. This was over a year ago now, so it may have changed, but that's my opinion.


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  7. Dell Inspiron laptops are absolutely amazing. The best computer I have ever used was a Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop (a P3-650 I believe). 100% stable, never any performance issues (I don't notice a difference between it and my current AMD 1800XP+). Dell laptops are sweeeeeeet... IF you have the money. The other one I used that was also 100% perfect was an Inspiron 7500 I believe.

    Now... if you are getting a budge laptop... good luck... odds are you will not be overly happy... :( Cost cutting on something like a laptop can lead to lots of little issues.

    However... based on the thought that the cheap laptops are using the bleeding edge tech from a couple years back.. maybe some budget priced laptops will be ok these days?

    The warranty is your friend....

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  8. Weird, almost any laptop requires an OEM to do it, so that's pretty much the only place where you'll ever -ughh- turn to Dell or IBM for that!

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  9. I know that a celleron is not as good as a P3, Athlon, and Duron. However, I was looking at that notebook because it $699. I think that is a good buy, even for a Celleron do you think so? All the Pentium 3s, Athlons, and even Durons are over $1000. I do not need a great laptop, just something that will get me through college.

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  10. I have owned a variety of laptops and the Dell Inspiron and IBM thinkpads seem to be the best, although I dont like that the IBM does not have a touchpad. Problem is either of these brands (esp IBM) cost a little extra.

    As for the P3/celeron/duron/athlon I would say any are fine EXCEPT for the celeron!!

    For any gaming there is no such thing as a good laptop, even the latest "desktop replacments" costing $2500+ lag far behnd desktops.

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  11. wow $699 is good! is that new? got a lnk I can take a look at it? or is it a local store?

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  12. I saw it at Circuit City, $899-$200(mail-in-rebates). But the bad news is that I could not find it in stock (at least where I live-- Houston, Texas). I checked their website and all the stores around me did not have them in stock. It might be different for though.
  13. You should ask around, to be able to add or upgrade the card inside that sweet deal. At least a 16MB card would be nice.
    Also what about RAM? Could you give full specs of the laptop? Oh never mind I just saw them, what about OS?

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  14. Dell Inspiron 2100-Mobile P3 at 1.0Ghz
    14.1 inch monitor
    128MB SDRAM
    bout $1050, but it usually has a $100 rebate
    integrated (ugh) graphics

    Sony Vaio FXA47-Mobile Athlon4 at 1.0Ghz
    14.1 inch monitor
    256MB SDRAM
    bout $1400
    Ati Rage Mobility 8MB (not that much better)

    The choice is yours, but please heed our advice, AND DONT GET A MOBILE CELERON!! IT IS ABSOLUTE JUNK

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  15. Check out http://www.circuitcity.com/ewebIMa/frame1.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1717686410.1017197666@@@@&BV_EngineID=cccjadcekehhhmdcfngcfkmdffhdffk. 0&upper=head.jsp&lower=frame2.jsp&left=leftchildcat.jsp&department=Computers&category=Laptops&right =productsearch.jsp
    Toshiba's website will have some info on that model also.

    I didn't know that Cellerons had a 133mhz front side bus, or is that just a typo (Circuit City's website)?

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  16. how about a 1 gig duron, is that okay? I really want to keep the price low even though I'm not paying for it. I am fully aware that if I get something good now, it will serve me better in the long run but thats not the way my parents see it.
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