Bulding Budget PII Sysytem..Need Advice..

Hey guys I am wanting to build a budget system for my kids and have decided on a PII 233-400 base. I like the value of the slot 1 cpu/mobo (found a pII 233/512 L2 for $12.00 and Gainward Mobo for $19 or with onboard sound for $35) and I already have a 128 mb stick of sdRAM to use for it. I have been checking Ebay and pricewatch and have found some good deals but it just seems there has to be a few dealers out there who specialize in out of date hardware that is still in retail boxes or factory new at dirt cheap prices. Any recomendations?? Also I think I will use an STB 128 velocity 4mb agp video card or similar 8mb card and a SB awe32 or 64 sound card. I have never dealt with a slot one cpu before so is there anything I need to know before installing?? Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.
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  1. This is one of the <A HREF="http://www.compgeeks.com" target="_new">last good sources on vintage hardware</A>. hehe

    shipping was cheap too

    Proving once again that <A HREF="http://www.zombo.com" target="_new">anything is possible</A>.
  2. Plug it in and hope it works. AS long as the board uses DIMMs, use whatever is cheapest (all PII chipsets that used SDRAM were PC66/100/133 compatable, and the faster memory is often cheaper do to higher production).

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. If you can afford it ($40, I think) and the mobo can take, see if you can find a pII-400 with the 100 mhz fsb, it'll significantly speed up the system. Slot systems tend to run cooler than sockets because they have such a huge surface which to use as a cooling point (but you still have to put at least a heat sink on it, if not a fan as well).
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