Athlon XP on an AMD760 Chipset?

Hi, I am wondering if I can run an Athlon 1700 or 1800 XP on an AMD 760 Chipset board like the Biostar M7MIA? I would run it at the max speed that the AMD-760 can do, which I believe to be 1400mhz.

I am choosing the AMD-760 only because of it;s legacy ISA support, as I need one ISA port for a particular radio-control card that is not available in PCI yet.

Thanks for any help, I'm behind the new tech these days.
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  1. I would check the biostar website to see if that particular board will support the xp. Most boards will, but may need a bios update. If you've never flashed a bios before, most manufacturer's websites will tell you how. Only problem is that some mobos won't even post with the xp until you flash the bios. Some dealers will do this for you. That would be your safest bet.
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