New PIII-800 (512k L2) draws only 11.2 watts

For those of you who want fanless systems.

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- JW
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  1. I wonder how well it would overclock it you stuck a heatsink/fan on it.


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  2. It's also FC-BGA so you'd have to solder it down somewhere. But I bet it would o/c well.

    There's a PIII-700 that only draws 8 watts as well.

    - JW
  3. It's multiplier locked and there aren't many good P3 overclocking mobos out there so I'd say assuming it runs on a 100MHz FSB, it should over to 1.066GHz or 1.2GHz if you're lucky. That's still not bad. With 512KB L2 cache, that thing would be a monster at 1.2GHz (150MHz FSB).

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  4. one would assume that if you could get the FSB and ram high enough it would overclock to contemporary tully OC levels.

    nice beast... plus u dont have to go out and get a Via C3 if u want a fanless system :wink: :wink: :wink:

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  5. That would be great as I plan to put a media/computer system in my car over the summer and the C3's just plain blow. But the question that remains for me is how do you manage a FC-BGA package type?

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  6. hehehe
    dont ask me... intels packaging has confused me since my p2-300 (66fsb)

    better ask Ray... he is the resident intel genius :smile:

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  7. Companies used to solder such processors onto a PCB with the pins on it. The PIII-m 700 (Tualatin) should hit 1400@200MHz FSB. rcf84 once had a PIII 500E running 1000@200FSB.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  8. I read somewhere that the P3 Tualatin 1.26GHz can be run with a good heatsink and no fan.
  9. At ~1266 the Tualatin cores put out less then 30W of heat. You can get away with no fan if you live in a cool environment and/or have good care airflow.

    Just for comparison:
    - P3-1000 (cD0) puts out 29W
    - P3-1400 (tA1) puts out 31W
    - Athlon-1400 (A7) puts out 72W
    - Celeron-1000A (tA1) puts out 28W
    - Duron-1000 (A2) puts out 46W
    - P4-1800 (C1) puts out 66W
    - P4-1800A (B0) puts out 50W
    - XP-1800+ (@1533)(A2) puts out 66W

    I'm guessing a die shrunk (0.13 micron) XP-1800+ (@1533)will put out around 49W.

    - JW
  10. offer a 1.4 ghz p3, i thought p3s were dead and gone? intel seem to be making more of them than ever

    But the man in the shop said the via C3 was the best processor money can buy!
  11. ... But they are damn expensive ...


    <i>Then again, that's just my opinion</i>
  12. Yep, but at twice the price of an XP1600+, it tends to put you off slightly.

    That's not to say, that if I had cash to burn I wouldn't have dual system of those. Oh and a dual AMP1900+ system, and SCSI drives in RAID 5 all round and, and......

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  13. Intel is still making them for the server market, and as such they are not priced to be affordable to the average desktop user. Rumor has it we'll see a PIII-1529 soon.

    - JW
  14. I'd really like to see a Tually 1.4GHZ benchmark, or an OC test. It would show how competing is it to the Northwood and AthlonXP!

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  15. <A HREF="" target="_new">@Tomshardware</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">@2cpu (dual)</A>

    No one does reviews because intel won't give anyone chips.

    The PIII-1266 does 1500 at the deafult voltage with stock cooling, and will do over 1600 easily.

    - JW
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