No sound will come out of the TV...but was working before

What's up TH. So i've got a minor problem. I had a Logitech z506 speaker system. Didn't like it. Returned it. Now no sound will come out of the tv. There's an "x" next to the speaker and when i click on it it just asks which items i want to troubleshoot - speakers or headphones. I don't want to troubleshoot either one i just want the sound from the tv to work. Now i'm not sure if any software was auto installed with the speakers but i'm exhausting all options here. The only way i can listen to anything is through my headphones thru the headphones jack in the back. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Jeff.
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  1. Full specs please. Can I assume you are connected to the TV by an HDMI cable?
  2. Asus P8z68 V-Pro, 2600k, dual 7970's (different brands), no aftermarket sound card, g.skill ddr3 1600mhz if that matters. Yes it's connected to the TV by HDMI. It seems like ever since i plugged in these Logitech speakers no sound will come out of ANY thing i hook it up to unless it's the Logitech speakers and i know they don't have drivers or anything like that obviously. So i'm stumped.
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