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My laptop stopped working after i put down on couch not hard but not soft either. I was getting it to boot to having the mouse pointer which was movable over a black screen. Tried to to a system recovery but it says there's an error then you hit a button whichsends me to a dos screen and says there is no boot up device. Anyone with help would be great.
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  1. The "jolt" from not putting it down gently may have damaged the hard drive. Test it with the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software for DOS which loads from a bootable CD. The links are here:
  2. there are always reasons why windows wont boot, dont ever just assume its windows and reinstall it it never works

    if its an A200/L300 series unit or any toshiba thats 4-8 years old its probably the mainboard fault that 99% of toshibas suffer

    impact force = hdd damage check that too

    Toshibas have the highest failure rate after anything featuring Nvidia graphics chips (7-9 series) -- they are that bad
  3. It's not an old computer. Not quite 1 year old yet. I don't have any discs to put in it. Really a bummer. I'm afraid the hard drive is done.
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