Can this case run?

well,i had a KT133 mobo and a duron650 cpu.
and now i felt it's too slow for my work.
coz i have no money,i cant change my both my mobo and cpu.
so i wanna upgrade my cpu.
i have one choice is a Duron1.3G
but i dunno if this can run on a KT133 mobo(not KT133A)
so,have advice,my man?

who let tom out!
who who who!!!
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  1. Any Duron will run on that motherboard, just be sure to upgrade your BIOS.

    Check out my rig:
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  2. You could also get an Athlon with a 200mhz bus. (I.e. Athlon 1400(200)) It has a bigger cache and may have some advantages because of this. However, the Duron 1.3g (Morgan core) has hardware pre-fetch and SSE compatibility, which would have some weigh against the Athlon. The Athlon will also consume a lot more power and require more cooling.

    Just a few thoughts.

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