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Just recently i had built my first computer, but haven't purchased windows 7 until recently. Upon agreeing to the terms of use, a message popped up saying that DVD/CD drivers were missing. Has anybody had this issue or have a solution?
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  1. So your windows 7 disk is missing some files? You could download windows 7 again... Here is a link to the download:

    You will still have to have your own key or it won't be authenticated obviously.
  2. I finally installed Windows 7 Professional. I tried all the tricks from several different forum answers / suggestions. But no luck. Then I thought: "hey, it might be a good idea to try to install an earlier version of Windows then do a full / clean install from there." So I tried to install Windows XP Professional 32-bit. After 3 - 5 minutes the install failed, "this installation has stopped to prevent any damage to your hardware." I am not sure but I did get to an Automatic Problem Fix screen somewhere in my efforts. I tried this but it failed also. Anyway, I think the most direct solution would be to install an earlier version of Windows and then install Windows 7 after, since all the drivers are then loaded. I think this is what occurred when I tried to install Windows XP Professional. Install an earlier version of Windows first. Then delete partitions / format as desired when installing Windows 7. (Please post this solution to at least one other forum. I can't get to them all. I don't have the time. Thanks.)
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