Hp dv6 6121tx gaming guide ..

hi everyone , i want to purchase hp dv6 6121tx , esp. for gaming .. (as no other model is available in india) please tell me if its any good for crysis, gta 4, cod,WoW...... @ mid to high settings. is there any issue with 2 gb graphics card ? and what is openGL 6770m issue with it ?????
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  1. Hello again ogasd;

    Which OpenGL games will you be playing?
  2. AMD Radeon HD 6770M review

    It's good for Crysis/Crysis2, GTA4, All COD and WoW on mid-to-high graphics.
  3. hello WR2 :sol:
    dont know what it means :bounce: is it a big issue ? what games r played on it ? overall is this lap good for games ?
  4. It's more of an issue for old OpenGL graphics and video editing programs.
    Might be a few issues with old...(and I mean OLD) games that only run in OpenGL and dont have a DirectX option.
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    Pretty good for gaming. Now and for the next couple of years.
    You should be able to get something not far from these results.
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  6. and what about display ? its not 1080p .... the issue i heard is the graphics are not switchable or something and 2 gb is waste .. thats what i heard..
  7. for the standard 1366x768 LCD resolution go with the 1GB option.
  8. i dont have an option .. only the below model is available at a reseller in india .. watch out dv6 6100 models ..
  9. No option? No worries.
    Don't sweat what you can't change.
  10. HD 6770M is definitely switchable to save battery power when not gaming.
  11. i have to go for this model as i hve heard a lot of rumors about dell and asus brands . therwise asus would hve been nice ..
  12. You'll get years of good gaming play with the HD 6770M.
  13. yea that ill be good only screen res . and 4 gb ram worries me ,, ok then finally going for it .. thanks for your help man . .....
  14. 4GB = NO worries at all. Honest, you really don't need more.
  15. Be sure to let us know how you like it after you've been using it a while.
  16. sure man ..
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  18. hey wr2 1 thing left out ... it has 5400 rpm (6mb cache) is it superior than 7200(3mb cache).....
  19. No, the 7200rpm HDDs are better.
    But not sooo much better than you need to worry about it.
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