Lost life changing word document

Trying this again to type......

Had document. Working on project. Came up with revolutionary ideas. Hard drive died after 5 months so I shipped old hard drive back waiting fora new one. So I was now using a external hard drive to save my stuff on. Using a friend's computer so I didn't have any of my file backup software on it (lost word documents has happen to me 10 billion times...not kidding).

So while I was working on my word document I had auto recovery on for every 1 minute and checked multiple times before I started typing (with other documents) to make sure it was working.

I have to leave my house for 20 minutes and tell my sister don't un plug my computer. I come back see my computer unplugged and computer shut down cause the battery died.

OK well auto recovery should have my word document for me. NOPE!

The file already had a name for it and was last saved the 12th. I was up all night working on it the 22nd. Nothing from the 22nd is there.
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  1. Ouch that hurts. Sorry about that. If you had autosave every 1 minute then the file should be saved, no? If you don't know what it was saved under, perhaps try opening word and going to "Recent documents". Perhaps your auto save would be on the top. If that doesn't work, perhaps look through your files and sort them by newest date first, should be the top (or near the top) one. If it's not saved, it's not saved but it should be if you had the auto save every minute feature turned on, I would assume.
  2. I went ahead and tested it for you, it doesn't work. You can remove the file but it still pops up the recovery window, and when you click a file it then realizes it's not there. It is probably built into the code, because I cannot see any temporary data for it. Is there anyway to avoid this patch altogether by just facing the problem at hand: how your closing win word programmatically. There are ways, especially in powershell, to close a document without crashing the program. Post the code that is causing this problem please.
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