Athlon XP 2200 Myth or Monster?


I've been saving up to get myself one of latest butt-kicking Athlon XP's to mate up with my Abit KR7A, but just read here at Tom's that there might be one last release from the Palomino line - namely the XP 2200. Any one have more info RE: if this is a reality or not? Thanx!

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  1. If I were you I'd get a lower one and OC it. The KR7a is a great overclockers board.

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  2. think the jury is out on weather the XP2200+ is gonna be released or not...

    if you DO want the best and greatest though it may be a better idea waiting a little till the first thouroughbreds are released.
    they will run cooler, and overclock much higher.

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