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I recently booted my computer and found out that my windows doesn't want to start. What happens is ill boot the system everything is fine one beep and I'm good but then it just hits a black screen with weird colored pixels at the top and just freezes there. I can't boot into safe mode because it freezes at a certain file or driver. But I found something that kind of interesting I can boot into Ubuntu just fine everything runs like butter. But I had Ubuntu dual booted just for fun and would really like to get back to windows. Anyone know anything about my problem? Thanks in advance.
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  1. I don't see any other option besides reinstalling windows. Perhaps you encountered some issues when you put Ubuntu on your hard drive? Was it recent to your new issues? If so, I would imagine that would be the problem. If not....I'm not sure. Regardless, if you cannot log in (even with safe mode), I would imagine reinstalling windows would be the best option.
  2. sounds like something failed on the video card. if your mb has onboard video i would power the system off and pull the gpu and see if you can get into windows with the onboard gpu. if you can i would use a drive cleaner and remove the video driver and then in msconfig turn everything off in start up to make sure it the gpu and not a program.
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