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Windows is not genuine fix windows 7

i am using windows 7 according to system property my windows is activated but i am gating an error message this copy of widows is not genuine
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    you have to buy a legit copy.
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  3. daswilhelm said:
    you have to buy a legit copy.

    what is this can you explain me
  4. If you pirate your copy of windows 7, it is not a genuine copy. Only copies of windows 7 that are purchased from the store/microsoft or copies that are authorized by microsoft (such as school approved downloads) are genuine. If you want a genuine copy of windows 7 you must either:

    A. Buy a copy of windows 7 from the store or from microsoft.
    B. Buy a computer that is preloaded with a legit copy from a store such as bestbuy.
    C. Download it legally from a microsoft approved vendor, like a college software program.
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