How does the dual G4-1GHz measure up?

Most of the posts to this forum are concerned with PC/AMD/Intel, but I don't see any talk about the new MAC's: the new dual G4 at 1GHZ certainly seems like a sweet machine, as does the new i-Mac.

Does the new dual G4 compare to a single P4/AMD XP, or to a dual machine?
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  1. Compare it to whatever PC systems are in its price range.


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  2. For Photoshop and a few other apps, it rules, otherwise, it's just for the slick design and showing it off. Hardly worth 3000$.

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  3. No fun because you can't build you own mac.

    They may look cool and be good for graphics but too pricey for me.

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  4. Like everybody else has said. If using Adobe products it is the best but otherwise why spend $3000+ for something that goes obsolete just as fast a PC. One of my friends is a MAC-NUT and I found the OS itself to be pretty clumsy. That was 9.x and the new 10.x supposedly improved some things but it's not backward compatible. Hence, 9.x apps must run in 9.x and 10.x in 10.x. To transfer from one to another is similar to re-booting Win95 into MS-DOS mode. Not exactly what I had in mind for something that is supposed to be better than Windows. As a Windows-Nut, I found a few things in 9.x to be completely retarded. You can't just minimize a window and have it disappear to the bottom of screen. Instead it "rolls-up" like a window shade and if have 15 windows open you will have 15 "rolled up window shades" on your main screen. Also, starting an app is similar to going to MY COMPUTER -> Steve's HD -> and starting the program by it's *.exe file. I don't know why? Also when you close a window it doesn't automatically quit the app, you must go in a menu at the top and close the app specifically. I don't see how this OS could be more intutive than Windows for either a brand new user or especially someone coming from Windows.

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  5. Can we make custom MACs ???


    MACs sucks goto some Apple site and ask, if you want to here MACs are better :p

    Dual Athlon MP's or Dual Xeon's(512k) are the way to go.

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  6. macs rock if you are a pro musician or graphics designer, otherwise, they are extremely overpriced.

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