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Can anyone please advice on what specification of hard disk is compatible with COMPAQ PRESARIO V6000?
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  1. That's a laptop right? You will need to remove the hard drive and install another 2.5" Hard Drive. Any 2.5" will work for you :) but I recommend something with good platter density and rpm.
  2. Thanks a million. You saved me
  3. The HP DV6000 appears to come with a 2.5" SATA hard drive. There is connector that is mounted on the drive, whcih does not come with the new drive. Make certain you mount it on your new drive. You should copy and back up all your data. If you have Windows 7 do al drive image and use a system restore disk to recreate everything on your drive. If you have Windows Vista or XP you will need to reinstall all programs and transfer all your data files. or purchase a diisk cloning utility to copy the contents of your old drive to the new drive. Some models of the DV6000 supported a second hard drive. Apricorn for one sells an enclosure so you can use your old drive as an external hard drive and provide an utility to copy the full contents of you old hard drive to the new one. Denpending on how much you want to spend and your needs you cha purchase a 7200 or a 5400 rpm drive or get a Seagate hybrid drive.
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