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This is the first time I am going to build a computer from scratch. I have installed motherboards and other things just never a full CPU from scratch. My question is about the hard drive. When I install it do I need to format it? Or write zeros to the drive? And if so can you please tell me what to do and how to type it in. This hard drive is straight out of a box, if this helps. (Maxtor 20gig 7200) I also will be using a Win ME start-up disk. I can’t get my hands on any other boot disk and this person I am building the CPU for wants this OS. I tried to warn him but this is his first CPU, he’ll learn soon enough about ME. My next question is can I make a start up disk for XP. I have XP and I can’t find an option to make a start up disk. I am using NTFS so my ME start up disk won’t work to well because NTFS doesn’t support a lot of the commands that ME offers, like format. And to update your BIOS it requires a boot-up disk and I don’t have an XP one. Well that’s all of my questions and if you have any other ideas or comment that might help it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would try to get hold of any boot disk for win98 or se and partition the hardrive the way you want it before loading windows me. I would also update the bios (only if needed) before installing me. Any operating system from 98 up will examine the hardrive and ask you to format it before installation.
  2. Umm... let me see you said that you're getting the hard drive straight out of a box, so a new one yes? If so you wouldn't have to format it, just partition if you want.
  3. Ummm, you have to format after you partition, it wont let you access the disk if you dont.

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  4. Just a simple format (format c: from A drive) and make sure I fdisk it first. Ok thanks and what about a XP boot-up disk. Can I make one for updating my own BIOS that has XP?
  5. Windows XP bootdisks are published by Microsoft somewhere on their website. They are not on the CD-Rom. They might not be necessary, though, since the CD is bootable, so if you set your BIOS correctly, you can boot from the CD-Rom and partition from that. Since I have a cracked copy of the CD, and I put other downloads in the CD, I cannot boot, so I did need the boot disks. I'll try to give you a link in a moment ...


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