How do i find my xfinity wifi password

i need to setup my wireless network threw my cisco router but i need my comcast router password and i don't have that. is there any way to find this info? PLEASE HELP
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  1. yes, call comcast.
  2. Try going to your browser and typing your IP address. A box will pop up. Try:

    Username: Admin
    Password: Admin

    If that works you can change your wifi network name, password, etc etc etc. If not, try "password" or some other generic passwords. If you don't know it and those don't work, your best bet is to probably call comcast.
  3. Don't know your ip address? Start>type CMD into search, hit enter. Black box pops up. Type "ipconfig" no spaces, etc, hit enter. Default gateway is what you type into your browser I believe.
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