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[Solved] Windows activation key for windows 7 64 professional free download

please activate windows 7 key
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    You will need to buy one from Microsoft or other approved vendor.
  2. Heres a step by step guide to getting a free Windows key.

    Step 1. Get in your car (or walk or take a bus) to your local McDonalds. (Or a similiar fast food restuarant in your part of the world)
    Step 2: Fill out application.
    Step 3: Get job.
    Step 4: Save your rupees.
    Step 5: Buy Windows 7. Comes with a free key.

    Stop being a cheap bastard and buy it. No one here will give you a key, or tell you any other way around validating Windows 7.
  3. ^^

    On another note, if you don't want to pay for an OS (operating system), there are free ones. Try Linux. I read an article saying that Linux Mint is a good one, totally free and easy(er) for those new to linux. Or, if you have a school software program, you might be able to get a free (legitimate) copy of windows OS software. Ask your IT department.
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