I got a many files that i can't delete

System: Windows7

File location: Local disk (C)

File Name:
pagefiles.sys & hiberfil.sys

File Type:

Problem: This file can't be deleted because it says it's in use.
Action taken to locate program using file: I used a program called "Process Explorer" to find what program is using the data file. But I had no luck finding the program running the data file.
I tried to delete file in safe mode. No luck.
I tried to delete the file using a command prompt/file location with explorer.exe closed. No luck.
I tried to open the file using notepad and others to see what is in the file. No luck.
I tried using Norton AntiVirus to quarantine the file. No luck.
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  1. Those are necessary system files used by windows you cannot just delete them.

    If you never use hibernate mode you can disable it via the command prompt and then delete the hibernation file.

    You can move the page file to another drive or change it's size in advanced system settings, but it is needed for memory management and I would not recommend messing with it since you don't know what you are doing.

    You're lucky you didn't break something, they are hidden for a reason. Could have just googled what they are
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