im not to sure whats going on with my computer but here is the problem. When my house temperature is 72 or lower my computer works fine but when it hits around 73 or 74 or anything higher than that it will give me all sorts of random errors and lockups. Im just wondering if this is the motherboard overheating or something of that nature.
Thanks, Chris
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  1. Take the cover off your computer and blow a fan on it. If the house temp rises, do you still get the same problem? Also, download <A HREF="http://mbm.livewiredev.com/" target="_new">motherboard monitor</A> and monitor the temps of the actual CPU rather than your house.

    I've had problems when a CPU reached 49C, but it was fine at 47C. These random errors will drive you crazy.

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  2. i do have the cover off already with a fan blowing on it. it lets my house temp get to about 78 then it starts to go crazy.
  3. lol. put an ac unit at the front of the case cooling the air as it comes into you computer. close the case. and make certain that the air is only coming from the ac unit and not from anywhere else in the case.
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  5. lol. yea that would prob. help
  6. Sounds like you need to either upgrade your cooling fan, get a better ventelated case, or at least clean out your CPU cooling fan and heatsink. Dust can kill your heat disipation.

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  8. i guess i could try a new case. Im gonna try a new mobo to and see if it still freezes or not. i have tried the new cooling fan already. if the case or mobo doesnt work then i give up =\
  9. What HSF are you using and how was it installed? You really should get a good one and install it with Arctic Silver II paste, although a retail heatsink will work fine in a well ventilated case.

    You should install MBM from the link I gave above and tell us what your CPU temp is. The ambient temperature isn't that important if your CPU is properly or poorly cooled.

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  10. Or you could just move to Canada :cool:
    It's so cold here, you don't even need a fan!

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  11. how about a bit more data hmmm?
    some motherboard monitor temps would be nice.

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  12. ok my cpu is 40 C and my mobo is 32 C
  13. hmmm that AINT hot.
    i really think that something else is going wrong in there.

    can u get it to crash when the room temp is cool?
    i.e. what happens when u run a cpu intensive task like superPI, prim95 or seti@home?
    or a graphics intensive one like a game or 3dmark?

    based on experience and educated guesswork the problems may be

    1. cpu overheating (unlikely at 40C)
    2. mobo northbridge overheat... possible... does the northbridge on the motherboard have a fan or just a passive heatsink. if its just a heatsink, try touching it and see if its warm
    3. graphics card. test for lockups using a game or 3dmark
    4. ram problem. run memtest86 to ensure that no problems are being encountered. many issues remain hidden until the ram gets warmer
    5. poor PSU. watch for fluctuating voltages, especially under load.

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  14. been doing some thinking.. (yes its rare)

    in yoru initial post u said random errors and lockups.
    be more specific... what errors? and what were u doing at the time?
    OS? cpu/mobo/ram?

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  15. i get VxD errors, user.exe, kernell32.dll.
  16. im running 98. but have tried every os. i have 512 ddr pc2100. xp 1900. soyo dragonplus
  17. hmmm
    soyo huh.
    well first it would be nice if you could run memtest86 and hopefully remove a ram problem from the equation.
    also run a cpu intensive program to rule out an overheating cpu (use motherboard monitor to watch it)

    as its a soyo board im leaning towards IT being the problem. a number of people seem to have issues with them, quality control possibly not being as good as what it should be.

    unfortunately motherboard bugs are hard to detect without specialised hardware, the only way to realy do it is to conclusively rule out everything else.

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  18. well first it would be nice if you could run memtest86..
    where can i find this?
  19. www.google.com
    type memtest86 into the search box
    click search.
    piece of pie

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  20. ram tested out fine. what about this cpu test?
  21. well the best test for an AMD cpu is called Toast!

    its findable on google, but a bit hard, and i dont have a link.
    any other program should work well too

    the idea is to heat up your CPU and heatsink to their max, while watching the temperatures and voltages on motherboard monitor.
    if your cpu is having heat trouble, it should freeze at a ceartain temp each time.
    i.e. with my particular CPU and mobo my critical temp is a rather low 52C (according to motehrboard monitor) anything above that locks up in a very short space of time.
    not this is CPU temp, has little to do with room temp.

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