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About to build new system, need a little help.
I want the SL-75DRV5 (KT333)from Soltek, 256MB PC2700, and a ATA133 7200rpm HDD. Need help with type of CPU. Thinking of the XP 1800+, since its very cheap in Denmark right now. Also wondering about the 1300 Duron, it costs about 1/3 of the XP. Still I´m wondering if the Duron has enough power for games. What do you guys think? I also need help with what cooler to buy, it has to be below 30db! Had the Volcano 7 once, and it was around 50db! Will a 300W PSU be enough to support my system? Finally, I need help with the GPU. I want the Geforce3 Ti200 or the Radeon 8500 LE, which is best?


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  1. If money is an issue, I would recomend getting a KT266A MB with PC2100 Ram. (There is no real significant difference for the performance in the KT333)

    The duron isn't a bad CPU, and if it's 1/3 the price, it's probably a better price/performance value than the XP and is enough power for most things you would do today, however the XP will perform better in just about everything.

    Volcano 7+ of Volcano 6Cu are probably the best two you can get, the 6Cu is cheeper, and quiet, and will be fine for stock speeds and even a bit of OCing. Both are quiet, and the 7+ you can manualy control how loud it is and the cooling power, so you can set it to a balance that you are comfortable with.

    I'd go with at least a 330 watt, preferably Enermax. Read the latest article on THG about the Aluminum case to see what you should look for as a minimum output for some of the voltages. (I think 25 Amps min at 5.5V)

    As for the video card, the Radeon 8500 Retail is usually close to the 8500LE in price, but either can outperform an Ti200 easily.

    Overall, a KT266A Board with the AXP would be a better buy than the KT333 and Duron, especialy because the Duron only runs on a 100 MHZ FSB (I think, please correct me if I'm wrong) so you would get even less of an advantage out of faster memory.

    Don't worry about the ATA133, as there is no real performance gain out of it.

    Hope this helps.

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