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About to build new system, but can't really decide between two systems. 1: Athlon XP 1800+, with 256MB PC2700, KT266A Mobo. 2: 1300 Duron, with 256 PC2100, Sis735 Mobo. Know the first choice rocks, but second costs less than half, more like 1/3... How will the performance be with system nr. 2? Will I be able to play games, and run multi-media? How's the Sis735 chipset, is it any good?

Other hardware is Radeon 8500, 60GB HDD and DVD.

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  1. The first system is kind of too much in one area. The AXP can't use the PC-2700 yet effectively, you are better off getting PC-2100 and buying an additional 128MB or 256MB of RAM for most likely the same cost.

    Well, as for the second system, you would be MUCH better off upgrading the Duron 1.3Ghz to an AthlonXP 1600+ for an extra $20. Well worth the money. Try the ECS KS75A motherboard. Sis 735, performs very well, and supports SDRAM or DDR SDRAM if that matters. Yeah, you'll be able to run games and multimedia, Athlon and Duron above 1.0Ghz are more than enough.

    As for hardware, if you are comfortable overclocking, you would have more luck buying a Geforce3 Ti200 and overclocking it to Ti500 levels. Keep in mind though, i'm simply going by the price of where I live.

    Gf3 Ti200-$185

    What hard drive brand you getting?

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  2. the second one is fine, but it will certainly lagg behind the first by a good bit. 1300 is fine for games, id suggest if money is a serious factor in your choice the 1300 is fine, just make sure your motherboard can take the newest CPUs so you can upgrade =)

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