Pavilion zv6000 can I install new memory in only one memory slot

This computer has two memory slots, one on the back of the case and one under the keyboard. Can I upgrade just the one on the outside of the computer or does the memory have to be equal??
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  1. Hello intexwiz;

    You can upgrade just the slot that's easy to reach. It's a dual channel and the back slot is it's own separate channel.

    You're going from... 768MB? RAM to what?
  2. Have you checked to see what type and what amount of RAM you can install?
  3. It says I have 512 of Ram but I don't know if that is both slots together. I have not opened the slot on the bottom to see how much is there. I have been able to find a full gig but don't know how to find out if the computer will handle it. That is what I will be working on the next day or two.
    Thanks for your info.
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    Probably 512MB in both slots together? 256MB stick in each slot.
    Run the CPU-z program which will do a good job to ID exactly what is actually in there.
  5. I just upgraded memory in my Pavillion ZV6233NR to 2 GB last week. The memory does not have to be equal in both slots. You can just upgrade the easily accessible one, though I recommend upgrading to the max (2GB) as old memory is only going to get more expensive as time goes by and later on you may not even be able to find it. I used 1 GB PC2700 200 pin Patriot SODIMM in each of the slots. The one under the keyboard is not hard to access. Download the service manual for your laptop from HP website. It tells you how to access it. There's also a video on youtube (I don't have the link anymore).
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