My new computer configuration. Will it work?

This forum really needs a place for general computer discussion, or computer building disussion, but as there are none, I'll just post this here.
This is a system I built on an internet-shop:

Box: Chieftec Dragon Midi Tower blue, 340W Power DX-01BL-D P4/AMD
Motherboard: MSI KT3 ULTRA-ARU, Socket A VIAKT333, ATA/133 Raid, USB2
CPU: AMD XP2000+/2100+ Palomino 1666Mhz/1733Mhz (+Fan)
RAM: DDR-DIMM PC2100, 512MB, Original
Harddrive: Maxtor IDE ATA-133 60GB 7200RPM DiamondMax Plus D740X
DVD-Rom: Asus DVD IDE 16x/48x DVD-E616) Retail
Graphic Card: Creative 3DBlaster Geforce4 Ti4600 128mb DDR, TV-Out. Retail
Soundcard: Soundblaster Live Player 5.1

Now, are all parts compatible with eachother and is there anything I should change?

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  1. No.
  2. Seems ok, but did you get a 2000+ or a 2100+? You may also want to get faster RAM to take advantage of the boards memory speed.....

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  3. well as it seems your paying a fortune for this setup you should get PC2700 ram instead of PC2100 so u get the benefits of the faster ram.
    Corsair now make PC2700 in a 512Mb stick and it runs at Cas2 (that means faster)

    get the 80Gb maxtor... better value
    or for serious speed the western digital 1200JB (or BB:SE) but not the (BB)

    so no CD burner???
    they are useful for making backups u know

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  4. I've already got a cd burner on my current computer, and I plan to move that to my new one. Also, I can't find any PC2700 512mb ram sticks where I live. In fact, the place I'm buying this from doesn't even have anything faster than 2100. I'll look into that 80GB harddrive, although I already have a 46GB that I plan to use along with the 60GB.

    Im sweden, this costs something like 1600 dollars. Is that really that expensive?
  5. well try to ensure that its decent PC2100 then, and i suggest 2 sticks of 256mb.
    by decent i mean Cas2, not 2.5

    arnt there any online retailers for sweeden?

    Anything i think of as 'Decent' is unlikely to ever become 'OEM'
  6. Sweden is the no.1 country when it comes to % of citizens connected to the web, mind you =P
    As I said in the first post, all this is from an online retailer... things are more expensive here, I guess... *curses over inflation*
  7. i would ditch the UDMA133 hard drive and go with a UDMA 100 instead. its cheaper and i seriously doubt u will see a performance hit. i reccomend the seagate barracuda IV 60GB udma100. its fast quiet and reliable. id also go for an axp 1900+ rather than the 2000+/2100+ simply because of the price premium that flagship processors carry. the 1900+ performs very well is better value for money. if money is no object then ignore this post and go with what u have... although i still recomend seagate over maxtor for your hard drive

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  8. What brand of RAM?

    Ditch the Live, get a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz instead. It's called the Videologic Sonic Fury in Europe.

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  9. The maxtor was really cheap, and the motherboard I wanted had ATA133, so I figured why not? But if you say Maxtor aren't any good, I'll look for another brand.

    I'll go for the 2000+ Palomino. The price difference between it and the 1900+ is acceptable.

    and I don't know what brand of ram it is. there's only one brand availible anyway from that online store.
  10. Most RAM manufacturers rate their RAM very conservatively like Crucial and Samsung. They have RAM that's rated CL2.5 but can run at CL2 without any problems.

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  11. heh. dont i know it.
    i live in australia, and the exchange rate to the US dollar is around 2 to 1.
    so whenever i buy something its usually over twice the price of what you could get it in the states. its just nasty.
    plus we dont really seem to get much selection.
    have to hunt far and wide to find iwill or epox mobo's, corsiar DDR and lian li cases

    Anything i think of as 'Decent' is unlikely to ever become 'OEM'
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