Windows 7 system files and creating a system image

Hi I am having a problem with windows 7 on my computer and I am struggling to resolve it. Before my problem a quick list of the releveant points about my computer:

I have 3 HDD in my computer:

- 2 x 250GB Sata II Seagate 7200rpm HDD set up in raid 0 (This is set as my C: drive with a single partition, and has windows 7 professional installed to it)
- 1 x 2TB Sata III Western Digital HDD used for media files. (This is set as my D: drive with a single partition)

I have just reinstalled windows 7 professional as a clean install, and now before installing lots of programs I wish to create a system image of my C: drive, so that in the future if anything goes wrong I can quickly restore my computer.

The problem is when I go to create the image, windows 7 is selecting both my C: and D: drives.

I checked the disk management window and found out that my C: drive is marked as (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition). My D: drive is marked as (System, Active, Primary Parition).

If I am reading this right does that mean during installation windows installed the boot system files to the D: drive?

If thats the case if there anyway I can change this so that the system files are all on my C: drive so that I only need to make an image of the C: drive?

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. You need to reinstall windows with only one drive connected. That will put the 2 partitions windows uses on the same drive. Then you can image that to another drive.
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