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So I accidentally ordered a battery "New Laptop Replacement Battery for HP Pavilion dv4 Series, Pavilion dv5 Series , Pavilion dv6 Series" only to find out my laptop is a dv6700.

What are the consequences if I use this dv6 series battery? Amazon is being a pain in cancellation.

By any chance they are compatible?
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    Best thing to do is call HP, and ask them. Overall, doing a rough search on HP's Parts Website, looks like it will not work.
  2. Thanks for the reply! It's not by HP however.
  3. dv6700 is part of the dv6 series

    you will be fine
  4. Anyway, conclusion for future reference. Dv6 is a different series, apparently my dv6700 is part of the dv6000s. The battery didn't fit, had a slight difference and now returning it plus ordering a new one.
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