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looking to build a router to share my cable internet connection, and run a http server, ftp server, etc. Will use Linux as the OS, have 2 network interfaces, and a hard drive. I am trying to find the smallest configuration possible at a low price. I don't want it to be any bigger than say, an X-Box. One the size of a gamecube would be even better.

Also, what is the fastest cpu I could get that only needs a heat sink and no fan? Would I notice a difference in my Internet connection if I bought two cheap $10 network cards, rather than more expensive ones (would this affect my latency in online games) ? And finally, are there any cards with two network interfaces on the same board? This would reduce my pci slot requirement to just one.
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  1. I'd setup the router to be just that, a router (firewall also of course) and have the ftp server and whatever else on a machine bihind the router/firewall. Theres a distro that I've just started using, called <A HREF="" target="_new">freesco</A> which runs from a floppy and doesnt even need a hard drive, Im running it on a p60, a friend of mine is running it on a 486 with 16 meg of ram, so if you chose this route, the size is basically as small as pc you can get hold of. Freesco can also make use of a hdd if ones fillted, and I seem to remember (not at home now so cant look) it has ftp/web/mail services which can be installed during the setup, but really on a firewall/router you should run minimal services for security reasons.

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  2. if you are using something like zone alarm there shouldnt be a problem with putting the ftp on the same box. im not sure how your going to get the thing that small though, the power supply alone is half the size of an xbox. as for a processor with no fan, you may be able to get away with it with a 300, and a really big heat sink, but if you do that the heat sink will take up more room than a standard hsf most small fans run very quiet any way. as for the nics, just get two plain old linksys cards, they are pretty cheap and i have had good luck with them.

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  3. Theres now zonealarm for linux? ;)

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