New drivers not showing up or W7 telling me mine are up to date

Every night something happens to my system that causes programs not to launch in the morning. I re-boot, and everything is fine, until the next morning. This is getting annoying.

Thinking it might be a driver issue, I ran Driver Agent and it says 4 of my drivers are out of date: one for HD graphics, one for GBLan, one for some usb, and another one for HD sound.

So, I download the HD Audi (Realtek)file (38mb or so) and go through the install. First, it removes the old driver, then I reboot, then upon rebooting, W7 says it finds new hardware, and installs its driver (the old one), then I continue the new driver install, and it goes without a hitch, then I run Driver Agent, and it says I still have the old driver.

That is confirmed when I look at the hardware manager.

How do I get the new drivers I need on there? I've done the same for my GBLan, and Driver Agent tells me that I have the old driver.


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  1. Get rid of Driver Agent, most of these programs are scams to get your money by scaring you into believing that you have a problem, where no problem exists.
  2. Fair enough, but even the Gigabyte website has the exact same updated driver file for download.

    And, something is causing my system to not be able to launch programs after sitting over night. I've read a little and it sounds like it could be a driver issue.
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