Corrupted registry file

I have a laptop with this error: registry file failure systemroot/system32/config/software. The laptop also doesn't have a functional DVD/CD drive. Is there anyway to repair the corrupted file without a functional dvd/cd drive? I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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  1. Hello bat88;

    Make and model of the laptop? What version of Windows?
    This is much more a Windows question than it is a laptop question.
  2. You can repair it without a CD/DVD drive, but how you go about doing it depends on the version of Windows.
  3. I thought for some reason that I wasn't able to access the recovery partition but I was. I just had to hold down F11. The computer has windows xp. Everything is fine now but I believe that the hard drive is slowly failing. This is the 3rd time the laptop has had to be recovered. Thanks for the replies but everything is fine now.
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