Security Essentials Install problem

HP Laptop, recently restored to Factory from Recovery Partition. Tried to install M'soft Security Essentials rather than use Norton. Failed with File Corrupt Error.

OS is Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit
What I've done
1. Virus check using AVG, both from Windows and boot disk
2. Repair Install of Windows
3. Downloaded and installed all updates
4. Torn most of my hair out after trying to download and install countless times...

Any suggestions? Before I install AVG...(don't like being defeated!)
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  1. Hmm.. Have you tried downloading security essentials from another source? Anyway.. I would really NOT TRUST MS Security Essentials as it has failed AV certification multiple times. Use Avast or AVG.

  2. Have you uninstalled all av products before trying to install mse? I think that is a requirement.

    The failure of av certification is perhaps overhyped by competing products.
    Here is a ms explanation :
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  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Nice one. I completely missed that! Oh well, a day wasted trying to fix the unfixable....Thanks for putting me out of my misery and saving what's left of my hair...
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  6. No problem , glad to help.
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