AMD Athlon 1.1mhz question....

Currently im using a AMD Duron 800mhz slotA 200mhz FSB, would it be worth buying an AMD Athlon 1.1mhz slotA 200mhz FSB? Will i see the difference in the speed?

Motherboard: FICA AZ11E
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  1. Wow, 1.1MHz? I didn't know they made Athlons that slow ...

    Seriously, though (assuming you meant 1.1GHz), you'll notice some difference due to the larger cache on the Athlon and the 300 extra MHz. How much are you going to pay for the Athlon? Unless it's super cheap, I'd say you're better off waiting until you can afford a new Athlon XP, motherboard, and memory. You'd definitely notice the difference then.

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  2. Ok,
    You have a socket A motherboard. The duron is a socket A only processor. There were never any SlotA durons. You have the KT133 chipset which is limited to the 100mhz fsb. You would notice the difference but your duron is a solid processor. If you don't need it I'd wait till after the T-breds come out. Your Athlon 1.1ghz should only get cheaper.

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  3. Old Tbirds are supposed to rise in prices for phase-out and low productions and demands... He would get the best bang for the buck by getting a 1.3GHZ Duron, keep the mobo since they use same FSB, get quality DDR all for lower price and definitly improved performance.

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  4. I'd agree with Eden about the duron 1.3, but your motherboard only supports SDram. No DDR for you.

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  5. If you can find any left, an Athlon XP 1500+ only runs about $98 nowadays. Better off getting the AXP than the 1.3 Duron. If you are really trying to save money, then get the Duron. Inexpensive and powerful.

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  6. Are you getting the 1.1 on the cheap or free? If so certainly go for it. If not you are better off saving for a new board/chip/ram combo later on.....

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