Athlon XP - Integrated Video Motherboard

Wich is the best Mobo with integrated Video for the Athlon XP???
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  1. I would personally recommend the Asus A7N266 if you want integrated video. It includes a stripped-down Geforce2 MX, which, while not being any sort of uber graphics powerhouse, is still good enough for many 3D games. It has also been known to overclock to a FSB of about 166, which is quite impressive for the chipset. It has a fully functional AGP4X slot that you can use to switch to a different vidcard later if you want.

    Another plus is that it has good quality built-in audio and built-in 10/100 Ethernet.

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  2. I tought the nvidia nforce would be a nice option. Is it the one with better performance between integrated video mobos?
  3. NOpe, integrated video usually sucks ass, the nforce is quite powerful considering its integrated.

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