Difficulty OC'ing, PLEASE HELP

Hey, ill get to the point quickly, as to not waste your time.
AXP 1900
dragon orb 3 700rpm
256ddr ecc cl2.0 (kingston)
Visiontek xtasy ti4400
40gb maxtor 7200rpm ata133
Soltek SL-7DVRV4 (got really good reviews, and reviews said it was a good OC'er)

right now my XP is not unlocked, and i cant get the bus to run higher than like 142 and still be stable. Of course, i have not tried all the different BIOS settings, because i dont know what they mean. For the best overclocking, withour unlocking the CPU what bios settings should i use and what should i change them to.

I know ill probly have to change the voltage to the CPU, but what about the ram and vid card. Also there are a lot of settings that i dont know what they mean like the ram settings for Bank Interleave, DRAM burst length, DRAM que depth, DRAM comand rate, and many others. Does anyone know the BEST settings, to where it will still run stable. I have alot of case fans, so there is good ventilation. I wanted to be able to get the FSB to at least 150. Im not sure how high this is considered with the multiplier at 12. What should i be able to get it to??? Im runnin Win 98, soon to be XP. There are also some other probs with 98, but hopefully XP will correct. Will XP give me a better OC?
should i put the ram, which is rated for cas 2, on cas 2 or 2.5 for stability. Should the ram ALWAYS be at 133MHZ, or should it be affected by the bus speed(theres a setting for that). Also AGP Fast Write, what is that, and AGP MAster 1 WS Write/Read??? Im kind of dissappointed at my results so far, and i dont think its because of my cooling solution or mobo. Any help with OC'ing or BIOS settings would be greatly appreciated THX!

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  1. Also, there is no built in overclocking utility with my VisionTek Xtasy GeForce 4 Ti4400 like i thought there would be. Any way i can still overclock it, like with a program or something? Also theres no ram sinks, but ill add those, and the fan is kinda small, so i think ill add another fan too.

    The first LAN I went to was at a PETA convention. They booted me after I shot a zombie in HL DM!
  2. help please

    The first LAN I went to was at a PETA convention. They booted me after I shot a zombie in HL DM!
  3. please help (these last 2 posts were to put this string, or whatever you call it, at the top of the list)

    The first LAN I went to was at a PETA convention. They booted me after I shot a zombie in HL DM!
  4. right.
    firstly, i assume you want to find out the limits of your processor.

    a little hard with just fsb overclocking, but do your best.
    best thing to do is to make everything else ultra conservative.
    infact its probably best to remove as many pci components as possible to reduce the chance of something else hampering your efforts.
    ram timings agp specs, even turning off dma while your testing are good ideas.
    a CPU loading program is also maditory.
    toast, superPI, seti@home or prime95 are good examples.

    using default voltages, slowly raise the FSB, testing CPU stability as you go.
    at some point it wont be stable and will lockup on you. at this point, increase the voltage and try again.
    at some point you wont be able to go any further. if it keeps freezing, your most likely CPU limited. if you get lots of bluescreens and/or data corruption, its most likely a PCI or hard drive issue with the elevated PCI speeds.
    results can vary widely.

    once you have found your limit, try replacing all the PCI components, and increase your ram timings one at a time. remember the ram runs at the fsb speed, so setting it to conservative is a good idea at first.
    see if any of these things makes it crash.
    also, a small boost to ram voltage can have a favourable effect if your ram doesnt like the high fsb and fast timings too much.
    P.S. a great program for testing ram stability is Memtest86.

    read the cpu overclocking forum. lots of good data in there.

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  5. thanks, ill try that, im assuming i can download those programs online right? are they really neccessary? i only have 2 pci devices, a network card and a modem. How come my ram dosnt like to OC, i thought that was where the main benefit was gained? So should i set it to CAS 2.5? Also there are some ram settings like
    bank interleave
    DRAM burst length
    DRAM que depth
    DRAM command rate
    do you know what those are for, what should i set them to, thx

    oh, and the DMA thing, thats direct memory access isnt it, is that a BIOS setting??, cause i havnt seen it i dont think, but ill look

    The first LAN I went to was at a PETA convention. They booted me after I shot a zombie in HL DM!
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  6. all the programs are availabel online. you only need one for each component/category.

    ram OC depends on lots of factors, mostly brand & quality. you said your ram is ECC, and i have no idea about the overclockability of it.

    ram timings: higher values = slower & more conservative. cas 2.5 everything else 3.

    disabling DMA typically can be done in the bios. i only reccomend you doing so for stability testing purposes.

    Repeat after me! Asynchronous FSB & RAM = Worthless! :smile:
  7. Stop posting on every section of the forum and people will help you!!! =/

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