11 BSOD's in past 20 days

like the article stated I've had 11 BSOD's in the past 20 days. It's getting a little annoying... Usually it seems to happen when using the internet... but that could just be because 90% of what I do is on the internet. Often time I think Adobe Flash is provoking it, but then some completely random BSOD happens that didn't involve the program. So now I'm stumped and pissed. I did my third total wipe and re-install of Windows 7 about a month ago. I try to keep a clean and orderly computer that only has the files and applications that I need on it, no excess ***. So yeah :\ help! I finally figured out what .dmp files are and how they can help (I'm a noob lol) but now I don't understand how to exactly interpret/use them. Help pass down some all mighty computer wisdom to a youngster and enlighten me :D
ps if you need any further detail ask away..
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  1. Unless you have developer tools, the dump files won't give you that much information; the most informative info it will give you is probably in which .exe or DLL the error happened so if it always happens in the same place you might get a clue to what you should reinstall (ex: drivers).

    Maybe you should run some memory and CPU benchmarking utility to see if any of those cause problems ... could be a heat issue.
  2. BSOD are normally caused by either bad memory or bad drivers (particularly video drivers) try running a memory test program and try a different video driver.
  3. For CPU stress test (mostly to test stability with OC and heat): Prime95
    For RAM test: Memtest86+
  4. Anything in Event Viewer ?

    Here's where I go w/ BSOD issues:

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