Can't find my new notebook on the manufacturers website, help!


I have 2 questions in 1 :)

Just bought a packard bell ns44 i3 2310m and am waiting for delivery so haven't received it yet.

I want to upgrade to a SSD as ive told booting and loading programs is faster but I am not sure if I should buy sata, sata 2 or (less likely compatible) sata3.

As I can't find the model on PB's website I can't be sure what is compatible, I know sata2 is back compatible but I don't want to buy something more expensive that cannot be utilized.

How can I find out what SSD to buy also....

Why does a standard sata 2 hard disk say 3gb/sec and a SSD sata say 250mb/sec?

i'm very confused how this works
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  1. Hello aza_101

    250MB/s = 2.5GB/s

    HDD=3GB/s is the interface bandwidth of the channel - not the actual performance

    Actual performance:
    SSD=Sustained Sequential Read up to 250MB/s Average Latency 0.2 ms
    HDD= Sustained Sequential Read between 50-120 MB/s Average Latency 4.20 ms
  2. UMM..

    I though 1000mb = 1gb?

    In fact I know 1024mb = 1 GB therefore 250mb/s doesn't equal 2.5gb/s

    250mb/s infact equals 0.25gb/s

    but thanks anyway :)


    if my new laptop is only sata 1, what rate of actual performance will I get?

    I need to know so as not to buy something for extra money that can't be utilized
  3. Your welcome.
  4. I sense a hint of sarcasm lol. Well does anyone know from my laptop model I stated which SSD I should buy?
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