Clean Install of Windows 7 lead to no sound?

Hey, I recently clean installed Windows7 on my mom's old Lenovo/Ibm thinkpad which was originally using windows xp. The installation was smooth but after installing all the drivers I could find, The sound icon has a red x beside it and says "no audio output device is installed." The driver I'm using is the Realtek HD audio one since i can't find any compatible windows 7 drivers from the lenovo website. I tried to enable the onboard audio in bios but i can't find the option, i get all other sounds when the battery is low and when it boots. So this is driving me crazy and how do i fix it?

the Specs are:
Lenovo/Ibm thinkpad t41
Intel Pentium M 1.6Ghz
1.25 gb ram
Windows 7 32 bit
I have no idea what the motherboard is :??:

Thank you.
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  1. According to this page, it has an Intel sound chip:
  2. Going from xp to 7 with laptop sound drivers can be problematic. I did so and have no sound after coming back from sleep. Works after a reboot tho, at least til I put it back to sleep.
  3. so how can i fix it and what do you mean coming back from sleep?
  4. I mean there may not be a fix. I've been living without sound for three years now because they never got around to releasing a Win 7 64 driver for this particular laptop.
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    You said there was not a Windows 7 driver on the Lenovo site for this laptop model, right? That might be your problem. Lenovo probably doesn't support Windows 7 on this laptop (it appears to be old based on the specs).

    I would check with Lenovo again just to be sure. But if there is no compatible driver, then you are probably out of luck unless you find a driver that just so happens to work.
  6. ok thanks for the answers i might just clean install it back to windows xp
  7. Install the sound drivers from
  8. Search for a driver on and install it
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