Cannot find hard drive when installing windows 7

cannot find hard drive when installing windows 7
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  1. full spec would help.
  2. Yes. Let us know more....e.g. HDD make/model, W7 install media (DVD/USB/downloaded iso?), computer model or components if self built.
  3. its a laptop gateway nv44 with hitachi 320 gb and im installing from a cd its win7 ultimate 64 bit and when im at the screen where it asks to where to install windows my hard drive doesnt show and it does show in the bios plz help if you need more info plz tell no i have to go to work srry for late reply and thx for ur fast reply
  4. Sounds to me like there is drive letter associated with the drive in question.

    To solve this, bring up your run command (windows logo key + r)
    Then type MMC and press enter. Go to File and choose add snap in. In the next menu select Disc managment. Press add, and enter to get back to your console. After every thing loads, look for your drive. Right click it if its there and select change drive letter or path. Now yuo can select a letter for your drive.

    If its not there, go to Action at the top of console and select rescan disks. this will often force windows to redetect any mssing drives.

    I hope this helps.
  5. actually theres no os installed so its a fresh installation so when im at the screen where it asks for where to install windows theres no hard drive,and yes it detects my hard drive in my bios heres my hard drive --- hitachi 320mb 5k500 . b-320
  6. Same problem....need help!
  7. Funny thing i to am with this problem
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