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I am currently looking for a computer between $500 - $550 range. Currently looking at a HP Pavillion g7-1149wm with Intel Core i 3 370m processor and a Toshiba Satellite L755d-s7220 with a pentium dual core P6100 processor.

Which is better and are there any other brands you would recommend.
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  1. The i3 370m is a couple generation ahead of the pentinum. You should go for the i3 370 instead of the pentinum. Well around that price range, you can usually get HP with a decent CPU along with integrated graphic. I think llano sometimes dip down to that price range. I don't know where you can shop but for now.. I only see HP and Toshiba llano laptops. Keep your eyes out. They have weaker cpu but better graphics.
  2. Hello Jpatza;

    Where are you shopping around to see those older models?
  3. You can help us out and answer a few questions in the form shown in the sticky topic:
    FAQ - Read before buying / considering a laptop
  4. Thanks for the replys but I needed to get something right away and ended up getting the HP pavillion G7 with the I3 370 processor. It has a 17.3 screen, 4gb ram and 500 gb hd. It was just over 500$. I checked HP, Dell, Best buy, walmart, target, tiger direct, newegg etc. Only thing I found cheaper with that type of processor or higher were referbished. Ended up getting it through walmart (not my first choice of places to shop, but seems like it will handle what she needs.)
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