How to enable recognition of a 32 bit hard drive on a 64 bit system board in win


I have an Asus 64 bit system board with a 64 bit WIN 7 installed now. I would like to install and have the system recognize a 500 GB, Seagate, 32 bit WIN-7 operating system on it.

How exactly do I go about doing this? I do know that most likely I need to access the disk management feature in windows, but that is where my familiarity with this process screeches to a fast stop. Some detailed instruction would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
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  1. It doesn't work like that. First off, since the XP drive is coming from a different computer it will not have the necessary motherboard (chipset drivers) installed. This will cause it to blue screen on boot in the new system. You might get away with updating the drivers in XP, but there is no guarantee.

    Also, since you have both OS's preinstalled, there will be no updated boot manager to detect the two OS's at startup. Normally you would install your windows OS's one at a time starting with the oldest.

    You should however be able to uses your bios's boot menu to select which drive to boot from manually. If your bios doesn't have a boot shortcut key, then you will need to enter your bios every time you want to change OS's and select the correct boot drive.
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