Lightweight notebook for Business suggestion please

Hi all.

Please suggest a lightweight notebook better suited for Office apps, Browsers, fast loading, etc. Not games. 11-12" is a good size and no DVD drive is necessary.
This doesn't need to be made for any special environment.
It seems hard to find notebooks in this range and Sony machines cost a bomb.

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  1. 11.6" ThinkPad X120e starting at $399.

    12.5" ThinkPad X220 starting at $764.

    My IBM ThinkPad T40 from 2003 is still in good working order. The screen has no dead or stuck pixels after all this time either. I did replace the hard drive though after more than 6 years, the original hard drive had no problems, but I didn't want the hard drive to suddenly fail on me.
  2. Interesting.
    The 11.6" ThinkPad X120e has a Fusion APU.
    I thought those where game oriented. But since you recommend it for business, it must be well suited for office aps and browsers as well.
    More so than a i3 ?

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    ThinkPads are business oriented laptops.

    The AMD Fusion E series CPUs are budget oriented and performs slower than an Intel i3 CPU. However, for simply office apps it should be fine unless you are trying to run some complex financial models in Excel or using a very large database.

    I believe it uses the old Athlon II core, therefore, they are considered somewhat anemic compared to the Intel Core i3 CPU. That's part of the reason why the ThinkPad X120e series is so much less than the ThinkPad X220 series. It also starts with 2GB of RAM instead of 4GB.
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