Tbred out later this month!!! (that was in March)

announced that it plans to begin shipping AMD Athlon(tm) XP processors codenamed "Thoroughbred" based on .13 micron technology to customers later this month..."


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  1. Yeup, Tbred was supposed to be on our motherboards by now.

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  2. XBits Reports :
    AMD Thoroughbred is based on the new 0.13micron core will be fully compatible with the current Socket A mainboards. The processorst hemselves however, will be not any different in architecture from Palomino based ones. The L2 cache of Thoroughbred will remain equal to 256KB and the processor bus frequency will stay by 266MHz.
    The official launch of Thoroughbred will take place only in the second half of June. The first Athlon XP on the new core will be marked as 2400+ and will have the actual clock frequency of 1.933GHz. Besides, there will also be slower Thoroughbred CPUs coming rated as 2000+ and 2200+, which will replace the existing Palomino models. AMD will release one more Athlon XP on the 0.18micron Palomino core in Q2’02. it will be Athlon XP 2200+ working at the actual frequency of 1.8GHz.


    :lol: <b><font color=blue>gnintsakgnirkskir ksron</font color=blue></b> :lol:
  3. 2nd half of JUNE :mad: ,, hmmmm P4 time maybe for me. What a dissappointment, sounds like AMD is slipping even further behind schedule.
  4. If AMD releases the T-Bred so late, they've lost this battle.

    Next Battle..............ClawHammer vs. Prescott! :smile:

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  5. Nah, even then, Prescott is far away from CH's release. If anything, it'll be another ClawHammer core that the Prescott will fight against. If mr.gobbledegook is right, Tbred WILL arrive on time in May, heck even THG confirmed April being the ship date, so it's logical May should be the on-shelf month.

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  6. This is all roadmap stuff, which should be taken with a grain of salt. We just don't know, AMD may run into unforeseen problems that force the CH to be delayed a year. Then it would be running against the Prescott.

    The chances of this happening are probably pretty damn low, but we just don't know until it happens.

  7. Yes they are very low actually, because if AMD had early samples of a stepping that actually worked, and was able to run 64-bit too, then it proves AMD is not dragging, and that they are able to produce the CPU. IIRC, the clock speed it was running at back at IDF was 800MHZ, nothing close to actual but again, it was an A0 stepping and was also functional and running for a long time, yet fully stable. They've already fixed the AGP issue too for their 8000 Chipset.

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  8. DAMMIT!! Now i have to wait till later for my PC.....im never going to build this damn thing!!

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  9. 800 MHz was pure speculation, based on the fact that AMD said Hammer was running at at least the same clockspeed as "competing" 64-bit processors, i.e. Itanium.

    If Tbred is delayed much longer, common sense says Barton will be cut out, and/or Hammer will be late.

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  10. Actually Texas_techie (as you know, he used to be an AMD worker and now has AMD contacts) has confirmed it was running around that speed or even higher. The main point again of that IDF intervention, was not to show performance but rather them able to produce a working silicon and fully stable at an A0 stepping. I also fear there will be delays, but not to the extent of 2003 IMO.

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  11. A P4 1.6a and a SIS645 chipset board is really tempting me now. I hear of the great overclock potential people are having with this setup and the price is cheap. Looks like the best bang for your buck is going to Intel now. T-bread might have changed this but AMD didn't deliver.
  12. Most people opt for the RDRAM 1.6A solution to OC, since the bandwidth at 2.4GHZ is less useful with DDR than RDRAM. Look at the 3GHZ DDR OC, performs less than the 2.6GHZ RDRAM! Yes you save money with the SiS 645, but it's better for stock speed running.

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  13. Im not supprised, AMD is rushing and stumbling.

    AMD should have stayed focused at the market they worked hard to obtain. AMD has dumped funds they did not have plus engineering talent on the Hammer.

    We kick it around the office daily, we understand the market they want, we understand the technology they plan to introduce. It is a losing deal both ways as consumers in the home market cannot use 64bit computing and in the server arena AMD cannot compete with SUN, MIPS, IBM, or PMC.

    PMC already dominates where AMD wants to be, let alone the boast the <A HREF="http://www.pmc-sierra.com/products/details/rm9000x2/" target="_new">best specs</A> that most people would say was impossible @ less than 5 watts last year.

    Kellidin, request a eval board if you have the credentials. Im sure you can work with Turbolinux.

    The IDF showing was just pure marketing genious to take advantage of dollars spent by Intel to round up the industry. But how will Intel apply payback?

    Early samples of the Tbred have proven to be very poor overclockers as some of the <A HREF="http://www.muropaketti.com/" target="_new">best in the world</A> has already attmpted. Have your translator handy, finnish to english.

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  14. wait a second... i smell something familiar..*sniff* AH YES - FUD !!!

    Thanks fugger for the FUD. So lets take this one point at a time.

    "rushing and stumbling" - Whose rushing and how did they stumble? Cuz they didnt get T-bred by the launch date? Exactly how long did it take for Itanium to reach market? Eight or more years? I seem to recall intel having issues with the .13 transition too.

    "consumers in the home market cannot use 64bit computing "
    - Of course not, but the chip is still great at 32 bit computing as well. So who cares If ill never use 64 bit.

    "in the server arena AMD cannot compete with SUN, MIPS, IBM, or PMC."

    Your right, and their not trying to compete head-to-head. SledgeHammer is a low cost, backward compatible solution. Its not intended to compete with those $500,000 systems. Neither is Itanium. WHy didnt you throw in Intanium in that comparison? It cant compete either.

    "Early samples of the Tbred have proven to be very poor overclockers "
    I have my doubts about its ability to overclock. Even though its a smaller die, its the same core. And you can only push a core so far... shrunk or not.

    A word to the impatient ones. Clearly AMD isnt where it wants to be right now. A die shrink is tricky business. Rather than bore you with the perils of a die shrink, ill just say: If you cant wait, buy Intel. Im sure the extra $150 for Intel's top of the line will seem worth it in a month when T-bred comes out.

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  15. Quote:
    I'm not [surprised], AMD is rushing and stumbling.

    Rushing and stumbling? Sorry, "rushing and stumbling" involves releasing an <A HREF="http://www6.tomshardware.com/cpu/00q3/0008282/index.html" target="_new">unstable chip</A> that can't even complete all the benchmarks. AMD is falling behind, yes. Rushing and stumbling, no.

    As for its 64-bit capabilities, texas_techie laid it out pretty well. Considering how well the Hammer promises to be 32-bit wise, 64-bit isn't going to be all that necessary. Of course, for people like me, who regularly compile entire Linux distros from scratch, the Hammer's 64-bit side will be something very interesting to play around with. :smile:

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  16. ROFL,

    Fatburger has a ringer with his challange, grats~

    Your off by about $480,000 with your lame guess texas_techie.

    Let me repeat, a current Tbred sample was tested and overclocked by the above link. Those guys are insane in the measure they use.

    LN2, volt modding the core, memory and IO. and they did it on a test system know to clock high.

    Proving once again that <A HREF="http://www.zombo.com" target="_new">anything is possible</A>.
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