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Will a machine booted from WinXP boot floppy be able to read an NTFS partition on a hard drive?
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  1. I've only booted to CD w/ XP, but you could make a boot disk, boot to it and see if it will read. I know a 98 boot disk won't, but I've never tried a XP boot disk... mainly cuz I don't have a floppy on my PC :)

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  2. I don't think XP <has> a boot floppy disk like 98 or ME. But maybe I'm wrong.

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  3. I completely forgot about WinXP CD's being bootable. Is the WinXP UPGRADE CD bootable too? If so, will it read an NTFS partition?

    If so, all I have to do is find my darn CD. It's in a stack of papers here.... somewhere.
  4. It will see it, and will show the folders on the drive, but I don't know if it will let you "browse" deeper inside, for NTFS's encryption.

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  5. You can download the <A HREF=";EN-US;310994" target="_new">boot disk </A> from MS.
    Also, <A HREF=";en-us;305595" target="_new">HOW TO: Create a Boot Disk for an NTFS or FAT Partition in Windows XP</A>.
    Hope that helps.

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  6. Thanks for the link on boot disk. When I wrote the previous post I checked for the create startup disk option and couldn't find it (where it was in the previous OS).Also, I knew that the support for that was no longer in XP, but after reading the M$ info I've seen that it is about the next OS. I don't use a floppy drive for more than 2 years now and don't miss it at all :)

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