Replaced Mobo. Require new windows instillation?

Quick question. I might be sending my Mobo in for a new one due to the fact that I think my current mobo has some issues. Will i have to re install windows if i replace my mobo(MSI Z68 GD55) with the same one(MSI Z68 GD55)? Or will it just work when I hook up all my components again?
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  1. Normally, a motherboard change requires a re-install of Windows owing to different hardware. However, I can't with any honesty say that I know it applies also when the new motherboard is the same model.

    Therefore, all I can advise is that, after installing the motherboard and all it's hardware, you boot up your system and see what happens. It will either boot into Windows or it won't. I would be interested to know what happens to further expand my knowledge.
  2. I just switched my mobo over the weekend, some people said run sysprep first to wipe old drivers, I didnt do that. Many people also mention that conflicts may occur in the future but many also disagree. I switched from an amd chipset to an intel.

    What I did
    backed up everything just in case
    created a sys repair disc
    switch out hardware
    boot into bios and set everything in bios (date/time, boot order etc)
    now here windows boot but it would nto recognize my mouse or keyboard (due to dif chipsets maybe?)
    boot into repair disc
    run startup repair (read this wipes drivers)
    rebooted and everythign worked fine, windows auto found drvers for board but I used the disc and installed over those just to be safe, ran ccleaner
    after 1 or two more reboots chkdsk would run at startup and fix a couple things
    now it boots without issue and have not run into any issues thus far
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