Need help finding a laptop sleeve.

Hey people!

I recently bought myself the Asus G53SW laptop with the following dimensions: 39.1 x 29.7 x 2.00-5.00 centimeters (W x D x H) taken from the Asus website.

Now I really need a sleeve so it wont get ugly from scratches and stuff. I am buying the following backpack: from and I need a sleeve from aswel. I can't find any decent shops with any in Denmark and I'm goin with Amazon since that's my best bet outside Denmark.

I've found the following:

The only one I've found after so long searching for a decent one, now do you think it will fit inside this?

- Reptyl
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  1. Internal Dimensions: 15¾ W x 1⅝ D x 11½ H
    40 x 4 x 29 cm
    External Dimensions: 17½ W x 2 D x 13½ H
    44 x 5 x 34 cm
  2. How do you see that it fits?
  3. X-Ray vision.
  4. If you're nervous in the service go for this one:
    BUILT Cargo Laptop Sleeve
  5. That belkin one will be stretching it.. some guy is saying his 4.2 cm is stretching it.. but I found one from Built:

    5.1 cm and other dimensions just fine aswel. Some guy has managed to put in his g73 into it, even tho he said it was a 18 inch sleeve from built, but I think this was the one he ment because according to builts website they dont have a 18 inch sleeve :)
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