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Hey guys, I was just thinking of making a budget serverish kind of system at home...With a full tower case and all. Itll serve pretty much as a plain webserver to share the cable net , but i was thinking of also using it to store documents, important prog files, and little things here n there...With mapped network drives i thought itd be cool. I was also thinking to run a few game servers such as MOHAA, Wolf, Quake 3 etc...But nothing full on:

Here are the specs:

AMD Duron 1000
Gigabyte 7ZXE KT133A Mainboard
256mb PC-133 SDRAM
40gig 7200rpm HDD
ATX FUll Tower Case with 300 watt Power Suppl
64mb GeForce 4 MX400
SB Live! Value
Fan + heatsink

Ive already got a scsi card and an old scsi burner i could stick in there also.

Will this do the job? or should i get an Athlon 1.0 instead..I dont really wanna go over the AUS$800-900 price limit i set for myself? Anything else i should improve on/change?

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  1. That should be fine. It'll more than keep up with your 128k upload speed, and should host games fine. You can always upgrade to an ECS K7S5A + low XP for cheap if you want, too.

    You might consider pulling the Live if you don't really need sound, the Live is pretty buggy.

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  2. I have basically the same setup, my old k6-3 with 512 of ram, and a single 80 gig ide drive in it, conencted (via linux box) to cable, also to printer, is running 2k serverand is setup as a domain controller, there my main pc, my "spare" pc and my kids all on the small lan, I sometimes host a counterstrike server which works just fine on it for up to about 10 players (depending on their connection- modem users have probs when theres more than baout 8 or 10 players). The server has all my files/programs/music etc on it, and since its setup on a domain, all "my documents" etc are storeed there.
    Works fine on my system, shoudl certainly have no problems on yours.

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  3. I would go for the 1.2ghz tbird. ESC K7S5A is good choice. Also go for a Radeon 7500 for $75 :p

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  4. Pay the extra 20 bucks and get the athlon. *shrugs*

    also look into the Antec SX1040B FULL SOHO fileserver case. Has a 400 watt power supply and it has great air flow for your SCSI drives and the amount of heat it'll produce.

    I HIGHLY recommend this case. So much so that i think you should go and look at it yourself.

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  5. isn't that the case that alienware uses?
  6. The very same.

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