Slow super PI time?

My Super PI timing for 1M calculation is 1m14s.
M/B: Soltek SL-DRV4 KT266A
CPU: Athlon XP 1800 (1533mhz) o/c at 1740mhz 11.5 x 151
384mb ram DDR2100 at CL 2.5

but I search over the web and the time should be less than 1m10s..u guys know why my superPI time is so slow?
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  1. well make sure that absolutely nothing else is running for starters.

    i also would suggest you DONT use your ram at Cas2.5. Hardest memory timings usually give better results with programs such as these. whats the highest FSB u can run at with your ram at Cas2?

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  2. So u mean overall it would give a better performance if I run at CL=2 with a lower fsb?
  3. Possibly if its not much under spec. Better is to get that RAM running at CAS 2 at normal FSB =)

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  4. in some cases, yes.

    if the ram is running asynchronously, as with the kt333
    people find that 133/133 with Cas2 is better than 133/166 with cas2.5

    if your running synchronously, as i think u are, its best to try it for yourself.

    set all your ram timings to their hardest settings, and see how high u can go.

    You're an embarrisment to nature you know that?
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