How to secure a computer at college

hey guys, i am going into college soon and was wondering if anyone knew of any ways to secure down my electronics that ill be taking for use at school and some fun on the side =D. Im taking my gaming desktop, my asus laptop, and my xbox 360 slim. so i was just wondering if anyone has any ideas that can prevent theft and make sure they dont get stolen. may be some sort of tie down.

also dont be smart and just say "lock the door" since i have a roommate and dont trust that hell keep it locked all the time.
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  1. Steels cables 3 inches thick and locks
  2. They do have security cables for pc and laptops. but why not do some mods on your cases and run 1/4 inch cables and locks. But to be honest, if they want it . It wont matter
  3. I remember back in college some students used liquid nitrogen to make steel chains brittle so they can steal bikes.
  4. where there is a will there is a way to do anything
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